The Steel Bars And Stone Walls

The Steel Bars And Stone Walls ->->->->

Original Title: Steel Bars And Stone Walls

Genge: Action,Drama,Fantasy,Mystery,Thriller,Western



































Wynonna tries to rescue Dolls who seems to have mutated. Waverly shows there is more than meets the eye to her.
Been a fan since day one and it did not disappoint, it in fact exceeded expectations with it's first episode, plus with the live tweets from cast members themselves shows how much commitment and untainted love everyone has for the show which made me feel like part of a family rather than just an ordinary fan!

I'm amazed at just all my emotions felt in just one episode, happiness, suspense, intrigued, sisterly love, empathy, sadness and sorrow. I felt overwhelmed and yet I could not get enough, I was overly joyed at just how good this one episode made me feel. It made my bad day turned good. I'm so glad to see how much the characters and relationships have progressed and developed to who they are now, and I can't wait to see what Emily Andreas has installed for the rest of the season!
The season two premiere jumped right into the action picking up moments after the season one finale ended. It seems the gunshot heard in the finale was aimed toward a demon that Team Wynonna was able to defeat.

Unable to confront the grief of losing her sister, Wynonna is eager for a mission and sets out to rescue Dolls when she finds Black Badge agents at the station doing some winter cleaning in their office. Knowing Dolls wouldn't keep any important documents in the office, she's able to track down where he's been staying and finds Eliza, an ally of Dolls. She offers to help Wynonna and Co. break into a BBD facility to rescue Dolls.

Meanwhile, we start to see glimpses of how the goo Waverly touched in the finale may be affecting her. There are moments throughout the episode where her eyes eclipse with darkness and shortly after Waverly seems unaffected. As for the WayHaught ship, angst is in the forecast as Nicole doesn't seem too happy about being excluded from future BBD missions.

This episode was great at teasing/introducing some new characters and team dynamics for the rest of the season. The premiere did not disappoint. "Steel Bars and Stone Walls" is able to mix drama, comedy, action, romance, etc. just as well as it did in the first season. If this episode is any indication of what to expect this season then it looks like its going to be a roller-coaster of emotions.


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    The Steel Bars And Stone Walls